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The sound of pure music.. this is what The Sundrops really are! To the core, The Sundrops offer unedited musical expertise. This band of siblings from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, is no ordinary run of the mill group! The bond between them shines the moment they step on stage together.

From ages 14, 15, 17 & 19, The Sundrops display of musical talent seems to have no end. The band plays family-friendly music from top 40 hits to old-time country favourites mixed with  blues, even some orchestral quartet pieces along with a number of their own compositions!


Bringing Glory to God is important to this group as they know it is God who has blessed them to do what they do!


The Sundrops have performed in many Jambourees (including the Frenchman River Jambouree since the group started out), and Theatres across Saskatchewan and Alberta, extending into Manitoba and throughout the USA. During early of 2017-2019 they have taken many tours to Florida, Texas, and Arizona. One of the highlights was meeting and opening for the Duttons on 2 different occasions, in Mesa AZ.  

In the last year they have had the privilege thru their new agent Liz Gregory Talent, to showcase for fairs and festivals across the USA. They also did their first tour in Texas  December 2019, and Florida in  January of 2020. The Sundrops are very Excited to return to the sunshine state of Florida for their 2nd time in January. (Due to covid, Texas was not an option)

To see this group in concert is something you don't want to miss! You can follow them on Facebook at  The Sundrops Music and The Sundrops on Instagram 



Hailey - October 18, 2001

At 19, not only plays the piano beautifully, but she also makes playing guitar look easy, along with the cello, violin, & drums. Her vocal ability is improving every year, and the harmonies set her apart!


Darian - March 24, 2003

At  17 could give Eric Clapton a run for his money. His gift for guitar will leave you wanting more!  He also plays piano, violin, drums,  and also shares his vocal talent.  Darian has also composed a number of his own songs, along with a few together with the group. 


Lara - May 23, 2005

 At 15 years old, has incredible flair with her vocals, mesmerizing an audience! Simply said she's a natural musician,  and also plays the piano, guitar, bass, viola, ukelele and cello.


Jesse - August 2, 2006

 The youngest at 14 years old, has a smile that instantly warms the room with his charm and wit. He works hard in lessons, quickly catching up with his siblings. Jesse plays the piano, violin, guitar,  drums, & sings.



The Sundrops continue to pursue the dream of touching others' lives and hearts with their music. They have an amazing ability to captivate an audience with their musical hearts. They live to entertain the young and old alike and leave their hearts on the stage. The Sundrops show what musical dreams are made of!


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